Martial Arts Show at The Red Theatre in Beijing


Kung Fu, the legendary martial arts, is one of the main attractions and assets of China. Anyone visiting China must visit the places linked to the traditional martial arts to learn about the philosophy of Kung Fu and also experience the breath taking beauty and difficulty of Chinese Martial arts. If you’re travelling to China, you must visit Beijing, and ...

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Martial Artists, join the world of film making!


Opportunities are available  for Martial Artists of all ages in stunts and fight scenes. The Indie Gathering International Film Festival and Convention has a fight scene competition open  to all Martial Art students of all  ranks. The competition is a maximum of two minutes per competitor, with dialogue and techniques  done in regular street clothes, just as you would see in a movie. Competitors ...

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Mixed martial arts – shorts and rashguard


The term mixed martial arts was used in 1993 for the first time, in a review of UFC 1 by Howard Rosenberg, television critic. The term gained popularity gradually and is now a full contact combat fight sport allowing variety of ring fight sports to merge and combine what’s best in them. Rules and dressing for Mixed Martial Arts Mixed ...

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IMAF Events and Seminars


  The Kokusai Budoin, International Martial Arts Federation, sponsors a variety of Japanese Martial Arts events & seminars throughout the year.- Worldwide - Regional A comprehensive list of IMAF Events & Seminars is below. For additional information regarding events & seminars, please contact the appropriate sponsor noted for each event. 2015 Kokusai Budoin, IMAF European Congress & Seminar October 16, 17, 18 ...

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The greatest, unique and legendary event in the history of Martial Arts and Combat Sports!!! This is the 3° Edition something unbeliveble….. And for the first time the Event will be held in SPAIN in the fantastic town of BENIDORM in the city Sport Center!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the most beautiful touristic town in the world!!!!! Benidorm is a fantastic “American ...

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Finding the Right Martial Arts School For You

There are countless martial arts styles and schools out there. So which one is right for you? The first thing a person should do is understand why they are interested in taking up a martial art. Do you want to learn self defense, get in shape, get involved in competition, or develop self discipline? There are a lot of different ...

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Martial Arts Training Shoes – 4 Compelling Reasons to Wear Them

Martial arts training shoes are not generally worn by practitioners, especially those who train the various Japanese martial arts. It is much more common to see people training barefoot in the dojo while doing karate or judo. There are two main reasons. Firstly, removing outside or training shoes shows respect for the art and its traditions. The second reason is ...

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Martial Arts Belt Ranking

Aiming for becoming a good martial artist is not that easy. You will need to continuously train yourself to maintain your skill on several techniques. Most of all, the level of your discipline should be good enough to keep you humble, even if you are already an expert. Belt ranking is very important in martial arts. This is one way ...

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Martial Arts for Self Defense

People have different reasons for training in the martial arts. Some take it for sport and competition, some train to improve confidence or self discipline, and others see it as a way towards better health and fitness. While all these reasons are popular, the most common reason of all would have to for self defense. In this increasingly dangerous world ...

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Children Benefits from Martial Arts

As what we have seen in the movies, children, especially from the countries of China, Korea and Japan were already exposed to strict Martial Arts training at their young age. But, is this practice relevant for us too? Should I allow my kid to practice martial arts at his pre-school years? Well, if the instructor is a professional martial artist ...

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