Martial Arts

Blind Tradition – How Kata is Detrimental to Martial Arts

Bruce Lee, back in the 1960s criticized what the called the classical mess of the martial arts. One of his strongest criticisms was against the practice of prearranged forms. To Lee, people who were practicing prearranged forms were following a blind tradition. Little did he realize that what he was actually denouncing was, in reality, only the children's form of Karate and not the actual way the martial arts, particularly those of Okinawa, were intended to be taught.

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Black Family Martial Arts Celebrates 90th Anniversary

In the winter of 1914, a fourteen year old boy ran away from his Pennsylvania home intent on seeing the world and to accomplish this he would lie about his age and join the Army. He was a large boy, larger than most men in his community. You had to b 16 years old or have your parent’s permission in those days to enlist.

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