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Day 1 – Issue #1

Friday, May 8th, 1992 started like most days. It was a work day, one that would, thankfully, take me out of the office. I loved to get out of the office and today, I was scheduled to do a “live remote,” which meant I had completed the programming and employee training, and I was ready to install the program onsite at the Purple Parrot, a new restaurant which was located on the south end of Marco Island, FL. All they would need to get started was four hours of “live support” from me, “the Programmer.”

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Chatty Female – Issues #3

I could hear the voice of the first paramedic on the scene now above and behind me as I lay on the gurney, though I couldn’t see his face. His voice was now familiar in the darkness. He asked me how I was doing, then he asked me if I knew the telephone numbers of my closest relative or friend I wanted him to call, and he wanted to know if I was allergic to any drugs. I was aware of the other paramedic next to me who remained silent.

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