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Day 1 – Issue #1

Friday, May 8th, 1992 started like most days. It was a work day, one that would, thankfully, take me out of the office. I loved to get out of the office and today, I was scheduled to do a “live remote,” which meant I had completed the programming and employee training, and I was ready to install the program onsite at the Purple Parrot, a new restaurant which was located on the south end of Marco Island, FL. All they would need to get started was four hours of “live support” from me, “the Programmer.”

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Counting Bones – Issue #5

Every time I go to see my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. D., he tells me the story of our first meeting. “We were standing in the E.R., and I was counting bones and Dr. H. said, “We gotta get her to the heart tower.” He said, “I need supplies, we’ve never done orthopedic surgery up there and there’s no elevator.” Dr. H. then, very calmly said, “Man, you don’t understand. We gotta go NOW. Her blood pressure is bottoming out!” He barely raised his voice, but conveyed the urgency of the situation to him, he said. He realized how close to death I was when he looked at Dr. H.’s face.

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