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Dazed and Confused – Issues #2

My eyes searched the darkness ahead, desperately attempting to focus on anything which might shed light on what had just happened. My head was now stinging from what must have been shattered glass mixed with blood, running down my face. My ears were still ringing from the impact of the two vehicles. I now realized that the oncoming car must have been on the wrong side of the median – in my northbound lane – instead of on the other side of the median in the southbound lane as it had first appeared. Oh, yes, that portion of US 41 was on a curve. I remembered thinking, “What should I do? Okay, I’ll just wait, someone will find me. Surely someone will come.”

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Chatty Female – Issues #3

I could hear the voice of the first paramedic on the scene now above and behind me as I lay on the gurney, though I couldn’t see his face. His voice was now familiar in the darkness. He asked me how I was doing, then he asked me if I knew the telephone numbers of my closest relative or friend I wanted him to call, and he wanted to know if I was allergic to any drugs. I was aware of the other paramedic next to me who remained silent.

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I Was Fortunate – Issues #4

The first surgery that was performed on me was as a result of my blood pressure dropping. The cardiac surgeon on call ordered me up to the “Heart Tower” as the orthopedic surgeon on call was still counting broken bones. His experience would tell him that this type of head-on collision had caused a tear in my aorta, a common deceleration injury.

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