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Children Benefits from Martial Arts

As what we have seen in the movies, children, especially from the countries of China, Korea and Japan were already exposed to strict Martial Arts training at their young age. But, is this practice relevant for us too? Should I allow my kid to practice martial arts at his pre-school years? Well, if the instructor is a professional martial artist ...

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My First Day in the Martial Arts

Click the link below to listen to the podcast: Good morning my fellow Americans and those listeners throughout the world. Welcome to another edition of martialartsbusinessmagazine.com. Today, I’m going to kind of tell you a little bit about myself. I know a lot of people like talking about themselves but this is kind of important. As I’ve shared with you ...

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For the Sake of the Children

Click the link below to hear the podcast: Good afternoon, my fellow Americans and martial artists throughout the world. This is Dr. Rick Black bringing you another edition of martialartsbusinessmagazine.com. I want to talk a little bit. Whenever I pass at Karate school, I always stop and watch the students, watch the classes, students line up in their straight rows, ...

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