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World Healing Day Founder’s Newest Non-fiction Book and Novel Foretold the Franken-storm and Our National Health Crisis, and Provides Solutions

Bill Douglas’s works have been called “visionary.” As a global organizer (World Healing Day), novelist, and non-fiction author, he expounds an expansive vision of a green-energy economy that can end our recession; a new realpolitik based on compassion and human dignity, fueled by individuals all over the planet following their inner-calling; his recent release of the fourth edition of his ...

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Counting Bones – Issue #5

Every time I go to see my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. D., he tells me the story of our first meeting. “We were standing in the E.R., and I was counting bones and Dr. H. said, “We gotta get her to the heart tower.” He said, “I need supplies, we’ve never done orthopedic surgery up there and there’s no elevator.” Dr. H. then, very calmly said, “Man, you don’t understand. We gotta go NOW. Her blood pressure is bottoming out!” He barely raised his voice, but conveyed the urgency of the situation to him, he said. He realized how close to death I was when he looked at Dr. H.’s face.

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