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Why Are Police and Security Officers Resistant to Defensive Tactics?

When I sat down to write this article I wondered to myself why it is that Police and Security Officers will spend every free minute on the firearms range, but except for a few, will do everything they can to avoid any Defensive Tactics training they can? I know that I am one of the few, because of my Defensive Tactics and Martial Arts background, but I contend that Defensive Tactics is at least as important as firearms training if not more.

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The Importance of Position and Distancing

Today’s Law Enforcement and Security professionals are some of the most dedicated men and women in the world today. Each and every day they go to work with the full knowledge of the dangers that they face in a days time. Yet, they still forge on and fulfill their duties knowing that they are the last line of defense for the average citizen against society’s criminal and violent element.

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Black Family Martial Arts Celebrates 90th Anniversary

In the winter of 1914, a fourteen year old boy ran away from his Pennsylvania home intent on seeing the world and to accomplish this he would lie about his age and join the Army. He was a large boy, larger than most men in his community. You had to b 16 years old or have your parent’s permission in those days to enlist.

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