BayView’s Eight Martial Arts Instruction DVD Release for July Cover a Wide Variety of Subjects

BayView Entertainment’s catalog of martial arts instruction titles expands with an additional eight titles in July, covering Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, street defense and more. [] Press Releases: Sports: Martial Arts News

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 21, 2013

There are many gold buyers in NYC, but selling your gold doesnt need to be overwhelming, Buyers of New York are here to help, below are 10 steps to take when selling your gold to make it the most profitable experience possible. So now you can sell gold at the best price!

1) Know the Karats: Pure gold is too soft to be used so its combined with other metals for durability and color. 1 karat equals 1/24 of pure gold so if you have 14 karats you got 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals, it is also illegal for gold to be marked gold jewelry if it is less than 10 Karats.

2) Learn and understand the scales: The weight of your gold is a huge factor in price, jewelers measurement is in troy ounces and while U.S. scales will measure 28 grams an ounce, in Troy ounces it measures 31.1 grams per Troy ounce.

3) Separate Karats when Selling: It is important when selling your jewelry to keep all your karats separate and not weighed together to maximize your profits and not letting them give you less when you have a mixture of 14 and 18 Karats.

4) Know The Value: Call a local jewelry store or go online to a gold price website like Kitco to know the current price of gold, it changes from day to day so you need to know the exact price of gold on the day you are selling to maximize your profits.

5) Know Your Buyer: When selling your gold find a buyer and read as many reviews as possible about the company on top review sites throughout the internet.

6) Know What You are Selling: Some gold items might be worth more rather than being sold for melt value. An example is designer jewelry from well-known designers or makers like Cartier or Tiffany.

7) Read the Fine Print: If you choose to sell your gold online or through the mail, read the fine print like the length of time it takes to get reimbursed, how long they keep your gold by law before melting it down, ad how many days you have to accept or reject the offer. Take photos of items before sending them and keep any paperwork that came with them as well.

8) Gold Parties (Red Flag): While gold parties are fun, nice and bring people and families together, you should be aware statistically they pay the least amount for gold. 70-75% on average.

9) Please Be Realistic: Keep in mind that while gold parties hosted by friends are more about having fun then value you should expect 70-80 percent at gold parties and 90%+ at local jewelers.

10) Dont Forget Your I.D.: Gold buyers by law are required to ask for identification, this protects them and consumers from buying or selling stolen merchandise; any reputable gold buyer complies with these rules, so if you dont get asked for I.D. be cautious.

If you are in need of a quote please call us at 212-642-4345 or fill out our appraisal form on

Buyers of New York is a Cash For Gold NY company and are open 6 days a week from Mon-Sat from 10am-6pm and are located at

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