Bill Taylor Helping Out Former Student Diagnosed with Leukemia

Bill Taylor’s Bushido School of Karate is rallying behind one of its students after he was diagnosed with leukemia this fall.

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Cedar Park, Texas (PRWEB) December 13, 2013

A 6 year old boy was suspended for kissing the hand of a female class mate. The Colorado School district suspended the 6 year old boy from school with a charge of sexual harassment. The schools needs to make up their mind. They do not want the boys acting like boys and then when they exhibit and act of affection, they are labeling this young boy a sex offender. According to Master Gary Schill the school districts are setting young boys up for failure. There has been a major shift to erase millions of years of DNA history from boys by removing the “Hunter, Gatherer” mentality. They do not want them wrestling, being rambunctious, rough housing or pushing and shoving on each other. We are not talking about the bullying aspect of pushing and shoving, we are talking about boys being boys. As our society moves to make our future men less manly, we should really take a step back and look at the long term ramifications.

According to Master Schill, women are attracted to men for various reasons. However, women are not attracted to men that are needy, clingy, wimpy or whiny. They want a man’s man. Just like in the animal kingdom, women subconsciously are looking for the man that will provide them with the strongest off spring. This is part of their DNA coding. This move to make boy softer is a huge mistake and will leave us with a less than attractive male class in the future Schill says.

The challenge we have is that better than 98% of the teaching force is women. They are great and nurturing creatures, but boys are different. They need that strong male influence to model. With children spending nearly 7-8 hours every day in school surrounded by women and an additional 2-4 hours in an after school program, which is primarily run by women, it is hard for young boys to understand how young boys should act to eventually become a strong male that women will be attracted to.

Master Schill feels schools should commit strong resources to recruiting men for elementary school. They will get more exposure in middle and high school, however the imprint years from ages 4-10 prior to them reaching middle school.

Another factor to take into consideration is the message Disney puts out in their fairy tale stories. Where the prince always kisses the hand of the princess. Not only are the young girls being given a false sense of the real world when they get married, but the boys are being given false strategies to attract girls.

Master Gary A. Schill is the owner and chief instructor of Peak Performance Martial Arts. He is the creator of the Million Confident Kids Program, the Parents as Coaches Program and the Future Men of the World Program. His programs have been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and The USA Today. Master Schill is a 3 time best selling author including “The Success Secret”, co-authored with Jack Canfield. You can reach Master Schill at info at Million Confident Kids do com.

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