Bok Mei – Kung Fu – Ric Black

Ric Black Demonstrates Bak Mei (or White Eyebrow) A Traditional Chinese Kung Fu Style. Also Known as Pak Mei, Bak Mei, or Bai Mei To See more videos from us …
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Self Defense: Gun Defense – Close Quarters Combat. In this video from The United States Police Defensive Tactics Association, Director General Ric Black show…
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  1. That looks like karate

  2. horrible

  3. I learned the one with the gun in the face a different way. My martial arts
    teacher told us to duck under the barrel of the gun move our hands up to
    grab the gun while kicking at the groin and then stepping sideways, taking
    the gun with you and then using it as a martial weapon by going forward and
    pushing the gun into their stomach. That’s how I learning it anyway.

  4. What if they have glock? No hammer

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