Buying Martial Arts Uniforms

To the untrained eye, all martial arts uniforms are alike. Nothing could be further from the truth and getting the proper uniform is important. Choices like color, fit, comfort and the type of martial you are doing al figure in prominently. Here are some tips to help you when shopping for martial arts uniforms.

Honor your dojo

Many dojos, or martial arts training centers, have a color scheme. All the students that attend classes there wear the same colors. This assists the school in looking professional and keeping all the students on an even playing field. Aside from their belts, their uniforms are all the same. When you sign up for the classes, be sure to ask if this is the case and if they have a place to purchase them.

Comfort is key

Since martial art require a great deal of movement, comfort is the key to great uniforms. What you want is a loose fit that is not baggy. Consider where you are as well as the time of year you will attend the classes. If you live in a hot climate, you may want to opt for a light material that breathes a bit. Ask your instructor if wearing a tee shirt that either matches the dojo’s color scheme or has the school design is acceptable. The key here is to be as comfortable as possible while remaining functional.

Type of martial art being practiced

Not all martial arts are the same and neither are the uniforms associated with them. For instance, taekwondo uniforms have a stretchy material on the insides of the legs or the legs are oversized a bit to accommodate the kicking dynamic of taekwondo. Judo uniforms are thicker than typical martial uniforms. This is because of the grappling nature of judo and inhibits your opponent from getting a hold on your uniform easily.

Keep this in mind when looking for your uniforms. Getting the proper uniform for your martial art form is as important as putting the right oil in your car.

Types of uniforms available

Most martial arts uniforms are a V-neck design. Some are a wrap-around with a clasp inside the front and some are pullovers. Make sure your school approves of either type and then decide which one fits your needs. The pants usually have a drawstring waist and one size fits most.

Materials are another factor. Do your homework here and be sure you are getting a good material. This is normally a cotton/polyester mix of 55/45. This durable material has been proven to stand up to some pretty harsh treatment. This should last you for some time.


Last, but certainly not least, we have the price factor. Not everyone can spend a bundle on uniforms, so shop around. You can find good deals on lightly used or irregular martial arts or taekwondo uniforms. Many web sites extend deals to customers on freight, so if you cannot find that uniform in a store, try online. Prices will range from about $ 20 to over $ 100 for competition uniforms.

So when you begin those karate or judo or taekwondo classes, you need the right uniform, be it taekwondo uniforms or standard martial arts uniforms. continues to be the low price leader for Tae Kwon Do uniforms. We would like to thank you for allowing us to supply you with your martial arts uniforms.

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