Can Tai Chi assist post-exercise recovery? (#DB13 Wk 32)

Can Tai Chi assist post-exercise recovery? (#DB13 Wk 32) (via

I’ve been involved in martial arts and weight training of some description, on-and-off, for about 25 years. Coupled with my background in sports and physiotherapy, I’m well aware that one of the continually hot topics around any form of exercise…

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  1. Yes, Tai Chi actually assists post-exercise recovery. I am experienced in tai chi and it has helped me and most of my students in recovery. According to the Oregon Research Institute, tai chi helps to stretch and strengthen muscles, and I think that this is the main reason of why it helps in recovery.

    Even if tai chi is done alone without other forms of prior exercise, it provides many health benefits, such as longevity and stress relief.

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