Cop Versus Rent-a-Cop

Cop Versus Rent-a-Cop

In today’s society there is a constant interaction between our dedicated Police personnel and those equally dedicated men and women in the Private Security sector. Both entities face dangers and difficulties in their day to day duties. Both of them are comprised of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds that must find a common ground with those they serve and protect.

At times both parties work in harmony with each other to accomplish the goal of enforcing the law and protecting the individuals and facilities assigned to their care. Often the Security Officer is the first to make contact with a law breaking individual(s). He will observe and report the incident and then call the proper Law Enforcement entity. Both parties working hand in hand to serve the greater good, and in most cases it  leads to an the efficient and timely resolve of the situation.

However, it seems that the Police Officer looks down on those people serving in the Security sector. It may be because the Police Officer thinks he is superior, because he has undergone extensive training and selection process to become a Police Officer, and also represents the Justice system for his city, county, and state. All are reasons to be proud.

The Security Officer often is required to endure rigorous training also, and often has more restrictions to deal with than the average Police Officer. They may or may not have arrest powers. When dealing with unruly individuals, this can make the job both dangerous and difficult for the Security Officer. This also can result in the immediate escape of a law breaker, because of the inability to arrest the criminal on site.

One must also consider that many individuals in the Security sector have served full and successful careers in Law Enforcement before entering the private sector. Many of these men and women have had far superior training than that offered to the Law Enforcement Officer, simply because of the budget constraints that hinder the public servant.

Yes, there are many similarities between the two, as well as the obvious differences. No matter what they think of each other they both should keep in mind that respect is not given to a uniform, but earned by the individual wearing it. The man or woman wearing the uniform, who takes the job seriously, trains to improve him/or herself, and treats those around them with honor and dignity will have earned that respect. I say judge the character of the individual, not the title.

Be Strong! Be Safe!

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