How to Increase Your Sales

We’ve talked about how selling merchandise in your martial arts studio can help you a lot in keeping your overhead and making a profit. For this article, I’m going to discuss some selling techniques which you can use to increase the sales of your merchandise plus how to increase the enrollment rate in your martial arts school.

Use Suggestive Selling


The best example for this is the fast food industry. They always have this last question after every order, “Would you want fries with that?” Or “Would you like to add bacon and cheese?” Stroke and kidney disease aside, 50 percent of people say “Yeah” or “Sure, why not”. It has something to do with the fact that the customer perceives that they are getting a better value for a few cents more and that they are actually being given a better service by asking their opinion on what or what they do not want. By being consistent and repetitive, someone will agree to an up-sell, do this and you’ll see your sales volume rise.

Make them Come Back for More

Sequels are made because Hollywood can’t resist the opportunity to make more money. They can always make another brand new movie, but that choice is always risky. Follow ups, on the other hand, bring a lot of money because people were hooked with the first movie. Sequels create this sense of trust that makes customers think that they’ll re-experience the first movie again.


You can apply this in your martial arts studio if your previous customer really liked what they bought from you. Take advantage of that fact by creating specific products and services that are related to martial arts. Satisfied students and parents are willing to buy other related merchandise like educational materials in the form of DVDs and books. Make sure you tap these potential services and products as these will provide you with more revenue.

Let Referrals Rain


As I’ve said, customers want to voice their opinion. They get to feel that someone is interested in what they have to say. After every purchase and every class, you can give out a simple survey of 3 questions like “What do you like most about the product or service?”, “Is there any room for improvement?”, and “Name 3 people who will be interested t you use our product or service.” Clearly, these questions will help you with the improving your school by highlighting its strengths and diminishing its weaknesses. Aside from that, you’ve just asked for 3 names that can be your 3 students which can also give you referrals and so on. This is one way of obtaining continuity which will help you in extending the life of your martial arts school.

If up to now you are still steering away from sales because of its bad reputation, don’t be. Just think of how much it can help your school and your personal life by giving you much more financial freedom. Stay strong and good luck.

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