How to Strategize in Business

Skills, without strategy will lead to your downfall. We all know its importance, and the amazing stories of great martial artists who used different strategies to better their opponent. Bigger is not always better. It doesn’t mean that if your opponent is bigger, stronger, or more skilled, that you automatically lose the fight. If you apply the right strategy with some quickness, you can win any fight you want.


You can apply, what I’ve said above, on your own martial arts school. Business is a competition, and you have to fight other schools. There are a lot of fitness centers nowadays that offer different martial art disciplines and they are owned by corporations. These huge businesses are your competitors. Yes, they are huge, have a lot of manpower and resources, but don’t count yourself out just yet. With the right information and implementation, you can take on any giant you want, here are some tips on how to strategize.

Stop Over Thinking


This may sound contradictory but stop over thinking. Just remind yourself of your goal and check the market conditions, don’t make any more big plans or strategies for now. The thing you should do right now is accomplish small things within your reach. Think small and fast. Get rid of small problems, take small steps to your short term goals, and grab small opportunities. Bit by bit you’ll be moving closer to your goal. Your actions maybe just small and easy but if you do it regularly, you’ll come on top eventually.

Prove Things


Don’t have any short term plans? Here’s one, challenge the norms. If someone says don’t do this, do the opposite. I am in no way suggesting that you break rules, but if you’re itching to challenge a long-proven business saying, then give it a go. Be smart about it though. If you have a crazy idea you want to implement then make a pros and cons list. Consult your team and ask what they think. There are only two outcomes of this, you fail and you learn, or you succeed.

Look at the Tree


Look at one leaf and you’ll miss the whole tree. Focus is good, but if you’re just focusing on one thing, like the day to day operations of your martial arts school, then you won’t see a bigger and better picture. The goal here is not to try everything you see, but to keep an open eye with the future in mind. Great businessmen have good forecasting abilities. They know what people need in the future so they create that product today. Think ahead and implement this way of thinking to your team, sooner or later you will think of something profitable.

Small but Terrible


Being small, taking small steps, being quick, all of these work to your benefit. When you take a route of action and you see it’s not going so well, change it. That is your advantage. We cannot control market conditions but what you can do is be prepared to choose a different course of action when something goes awry.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Out of the box thinking, creativity, and challenging pre-approved notions are some of your weapons to battle huge companies. Everybody’s doing the normal, then I dare you to be different.