Killer Self Defense Tips for the Ladies!

Killer Self Defense Tips for the Ladies! (via

Five Self Defense Tips for the Ladies! Rape seems to be a rising statistic, so I thought I’d run out a few tidbits of self defense advice for the more valuable members of our society…the ladies. Before we get started, let me say that you should…


  1. I think it is important for everyone to take a few training courses for fighting. With MMA rising in popularity, there is no shortage of options in any city for fighting training. Even a mixed martial arts course will do you a lot of good because it mixes standing and grappling styles of fighting, which you could find yourself in when you least expect it. The tips in this article are excellent. You should use those god-given instincts.

  2. My husband taught a self defense class for women and they taught a lot of this same stuff. Biding your time is huge but you have to be able to judge what the guy’s going to do, if you think he’s there just to kill you than by all means make a lot of noise but if he is there to rape you, bide your time, this can make the damage far worse for him.

  3. If anyone tried something stupid like a knife hand strike against my neck or a nose pinch, I’d straight up slay them. Self defense is not a series of moves you can read in a manual, it’s something you should train for. Some of the points made in the article are pretty good though. I also know some chicks who have been in my kickboxing class as long as I have and they’re not very good at all. They might be able to surprise some dude but that’s about it.

  4. Taking self defense for any woman married or not is a must in my books, you can’t tell me that even if you are married that you are never going to go anywhere without him so you need to be able to protect yourself. Martial arts can be deadly so make sure you have a really good instructor so you can learn all the techniques. Great work on this blog.

  5. Just how women are told (usually by their female friends) to trust their instincts when it comes to suspecting infidelity in their relationships, so too should a woman (or man for that matter) trust her instincts when it comes to sensing danger lurking. For instance, if you have to walk through a desolate dark parking garage at night in order to get to your car, you have to know that sooner or later there’s bound to be danger. You should learn fighting techniques and get a taser.

    • Gian Laquindanum

      Women should really learn self-defense. Aside from the ability to protect one’s self, learning martial arts have a lot of advantages like being fit and healthy. It also boosts your self-esteem.

  6. You’ve got to fight for your life,” that is what a Washington State jogger said, when she was attacked while on a run. Face it: whether you’re coming, going, or simply staying put, if these essential life-skills aren’t part of your bag, it’s time to get some! Never mind the self-defense terminology; think of this as Feminine Protection: you’ll want the full assortment, from every day lite to ultra Maxi Brand.

  7. I think that self defense is a major part of every woman’s life whether you are married or not because you will have times that you go places without your husband and then who will protect you? You have to know some key moves that will make it so you can get away at the very least. This is great advice and I hope that everyone takes the time to read it.

  8. I took self defense classes and it was the best thing I could have done, not only do you learn how to protect yourself but you learn self confidence as well because you know at the end of the class that you can take care of yourself. Thank you for posting this I am trying to get my best friend to take a class this next session and maybe this will help.

  9. My husband actually is going to teach a self defense class to a bunch of teenagers that are in our youth group. Self defense in this manner is important as well you have done a great job on this post and the other Martial Art Business magazine posts you have done. I enjoyed this one because this is something I believe in with all my heart.

  10. Look I know this is going to sound crazy but if you get attacked and you are caught in a bad situation you can play along until you can get a better advantage on this person. Say you are grabbed from behind and you can’t get a to his eyes to scratch them or whatever the case may be, play along until you get the opportunity because you can do far more damage that way.

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