Martial Arts Belt Ranking

Aiming for becoming a good martial artist is not that easy. You will need to continuously train yourself to maintain your skill on several techniques. Most of all, the level of your discipline should be good enough to keep you humble, even if you are already an expert. Belt ranking is very important in martial arts. This is one way for you to gain the acknowledgement of your expertise. Belt level depends on your level of skills and how much you have understood on the major concepts on a specific martial art.

Before, martial art belts only have two different colors, black and white. White belts are given to the trainees of the art while, black belts are given to the graduates of the art. Today, belt colors are extended to several colors. The colors are dependent on your specific level of skills. One martial art, which is adopting the several belt colors ranking is the Tae Kwon Do. Belt ranking of Tae Kwon Do are arranged as white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, brown, red and black.

Each martial art has its own system of belt ranking. At the end of each stage or belt color, you will have to execute the skills that you have learned via sparring and KATA. This test will certify that you are competent enough to take the next level of belt. In sparring, you will have an opponent to spar with you. In KATA, you will have to execute the different KATA’s depending on your level. Your instructors will be the one who can decide if you are ready enough for the next rank. The higher the belt rank you gain the darker the Tae Kwon Do belts you can achieve. This will continuously happen until you reach the black belt.

Martial arts belts are improvised version of sashes. Ancient martial art instructors preferred to use sashes since sashes are softer to use. Anyhow, as yeas gone by, belt colors ranking system is being introduced to the practitioners of several martial arts. Nowadays, martial artist preferred to use the belt because it is comfortable. In addition, your instructor and new students can easily recognize your level. Belt ranking also represents your journey on the specific level.

Generally, white belts are for the beginners while black belts are for the professionals. Some martial arts may have their intermediate students wear different color of belt when compared to other martial art. Anyhow, all of them have the same concept of ranking. They are ranking their practitioners based on the level of skills. In addition, all martial arts gives a test every last stage of every belt rank.

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