Martial Arts for Self Defense

People have different reasons for training in the martial arts. Some take it for sport and competition, some train to improve confidence or self discipline, and others see it as a way towards better health and fitness. While all these reasons are popular, the most common reason of all would have to for self defense. In this increasingly dangerous world where we live in, it pays to have the ability to protect oneself. If you want to learn martial arts and self defense tactics, you can enroll in a class or buy self defense videos. But before you do any of these, you must first find out which among these different styles is most suitable for you.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a combat sport that gained popularity only in the recent years. It incorporates various fighting styles but primarily revolves around Muay Thai and JuJitsu. Engaging in MMA is beneficial because you get to learn a wide variety of skills that come from different fighting styles instead of just being confined to one. This is the type of fighting that is closest to an actual fight or something that you will get to see on the streets. But just like any other martial arts, this one should only be used for self defense.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu, a popular martial art form that came from ancient China, involves the use of both the upper limbs and the lower limbs for fighting. Strikes, kicks, and punches are the common parts of Kung Fu training. One of the primary subtypes of this fighting form is Wing Chun kung fu, which is widely used in the West. If you want to see how Kung Fu is done, watch Bruce Lee’s old movies.


This fighting style focuses more on grappling and restraint instead of striking and attacking. This is truly a self defense fighting style commonly used by security guards and club bouncers. This is the ideal self defense method to use if you’re attacked by a single person. You also need a certain amount of strength to perform this self defense fighting style properly.


Karate is also a traditional martial art like Kung Fu. But it is geared more towards self defense than attack. Karate also involves the use of the arms and the legs for blocking attacks and striking as well.


This one hails from Korea and is best known for its kicking techniques. In fact, Taekwondo rarely uses the arms but puts emphasis primarily on powerful kicks. Although this may not be the best form of self defense since kicks are very easy to dodge and can your upper body vulnerable for attacks, learning this martial art can still come in handy during urgent situations.


Ninjutsu is something that most people are not familiar with. But this traditional martial art that was created by ancient ninjas is one of the most fluid form of fighting style that you will ever see. This is also very good to use for self defense.

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