Mixed martial arts – shorts and rashguard

The term mixed martial arts was used in 1993 for the first time, in a review of UFC 1 by Howard Rosenberg, television critic. The term gained popularity gradually and is now a full contact combat fight sport allowing variety of ring fight sports to merge and combine what’s best in them.

Rules and dressing for Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts have evolved significantly since it’s initial days as the sport is gaining popularity and spreading. The fights are performed in weight-based categories with certain rules to be followed during the fight. The victory is declared if the fighter submits verbally or by tapping. Other than that there can be technical knockout, corner or doctor’s stoppage or else a fighter can retire himself too due to exhaustion. Rest the decision lies in the hands of judges and they can disqualify any individual based on various factors or call a no contest.

There is a dress code for mixed martial arts fights too that includes specifications for gloves and other dress items, however it’s not too strict and depends on the actual fighting event.

mma-shortsMMA Shorts

As stated earlier, there is no specific dress code as a standard for mixed martial arts fights. However most competitions don’t allow short “mma shorts”, i.e. not shorter than 4 inches above the knees or the running style shorts. Certain fighters prefer shorts that cover knees to prevent them from injury too.

MMA Rashguard

Rashguard or rash vest are athletic shirts made of polyester, spandex or nylon and are helpful in preventing the abrasion based rashes. These shirts can be word for number of other sports too including scuba diving, surfing, swimming, kayaking, etc.

Mixed martial art is an exhausting sport and makes the practitioner sweat a lot! Benefits of MMA rashguard include:

  • Possibly prevents injury by muscle compression
  • Limits the spread of bacteria
  • Takes care of a the sweat by wicking it away
  • Prevents mat burn by avoiding friction between skin and the mat during the fight

mma-rashguardIt’s important to note that not all compression shirts are same as rashguards. Rash guards are special shirts with a difference that allows the fighter to have better movement, unlike compression shirts that usually hinder in comfortable movement.

Good dressing is not only important for practice sessions but also for competition and it truly plays an important role in winning or losing of a fighter as it has it’s part in defining the comfort of movement and general feeling during the fight.


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