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How to Handle Competition

In terms of competition, there are two kinds of people. One that hates it and another one that loves it. Personally, competition is the spice of life. That’s the reason why I love playing sports and games, and a small part why I work hard professionally. People who hate competition, do have their valid points. Competition makes things harder, more ...

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How to Learn From Fellow Competitors

Competition should not be taken as a deterrent, but a spice for life that makes everything more interesting. As with business, competitors will be there to either challenge you or make you quit, but it is up to you which one you choose. Aside from making things more interesting, competitors can help you with your business, how? By you, observing ...

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Martial Arts School Lesson: How to Face Competition

Martial artists live and breathe competition. Although basically, martial artists strengthen themselves to promote peace and protect the weak, but rising on top and winning a big trophy is a lot of fun. ON the business side, your martial arts school may be facing competition right now. If you’re not, sooner or later someone will start a school and face ...

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