How to Learn From Fellow Competitors

Competition should not be taken as a deterrent, but a spice for life that makes everything more interesting. As with business, competitors will be there to either challenge you or make you quit, but it is up to you which one you choose.

Aside from making things more interesting, competitors can help you with your business, how? By you, observing how they do things. It sounds somehow cheap, but it’s not stealing. You are just observing what they do and figure out why they’re doing it. Being a martial artist, you know that to be really prepared for a match, you should study your opponent very well. Watching tapes of your opponent isn’t illegal, and surely it’s not cheating. If you’re really serious about your martial arts business then you should know how to learn from fellow competitors.

 Understand Why They Do Things

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Again, learning from your competitors should not be about stealing or copying what they do. It’s about understanding the things that they do and realizing what these things can bring to your martial arts school. Just look at what Steve Jobs has done for Apple. His latest projects namely the iPhone and iPad weren’t his original inventions. He looked at what people have done and made it a thousand times better. It’s not exactly copying, but improving on the things that are already being done.

Learn from Their Mistakes and Successes


Now this is just plain common sense. Learning from your competitors mistakes should also be a priority aside from learning from their successes. But to keep things up to date, you should look at their customer complaints as well. Visit your competitor’s Facebook and Twitter page and usually, you’ll see disgruntled and unhappy customers. Use this new garnered information to hone your products and services.

On the positive end, when you see a happy customer of theirs saying good things about your competitors products, capture this feeling and incorporate it on your own merchandise and services.

Some people say that being successful is simple. All you have to do is do what successful people do. You can also avoid what unsuccessful people do, that is one way of avoiding mistakes that can save you a lot of time and money. So fire up the computer and do check out your competitors social media accounts, or for the more personal touch, man up and visit their school.

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