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How to Get Through a Crisis

I miss the days when I was a kid. The times when I didn’t have problems, food was always on the table, I didn’t have to clean up after myself, and all I did was play all day until I was tired. I’m not saying that I was a spoiled kid. I had chores and responsibilities like feeding chickens, washing ...

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How to Face Setbacks in Times of Uncertainty

Nothing is certain in this world because if it was, most of us will be successful. Even if you plan, strategize, and even forecast your future plans, a single event can change it all and ruin all of that you have prepared. This is one of the reasons why businesses are so risky. The factor of uncertainty is always there. ...

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World Healing Day Founder’s Newest Non-fiction Book and Novel Foretold the Franken-storm and Our National Health Crisis, and Provides Solutions

Bill Douglas’s works have been called “visionary.” As a global organizer (World Healing Day), novelist, and non-fiction author, he expounds an expansive vision of a green-energy economy that can end our recession; a new realpolitik based on compassion and human dignity, fueled by individuals all over the planet following their inner-calling; his recent release of the fourth edition of his ...

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