How to Face Setbacks in Times of Uncertainty

Nothing is certain in this world because if it was, most of us will be successful. Even if you plan, strategize, and even forecast your future plans, a single event can change it all and ruin all of that you have prepared.

This is one of the reasons why businesses are so risky. The factor of uncertainty is always there. The good news is, even if you are faced with unstable market conditions, there are still some actions that you can take. I’m sure you’ve heard of the cliché that the Chinese have the same word for crisis and opportunity. Although technically this is not true (based on a quick Google search) crisis often brings up an opportunity for other people. An example is a town that experienced a huge flood. Instead of moping, the people in that town made boats from huge plastic water containers and used it to get around, sometimes asking a fee for people who wanted a lift.

Crisis = Opportunity


The thing we can get from this example is to make the most of what you’re experiencing. Instead of feeling down, pick yourself up and take advantage of the situation. Having a positive attitude is a necessity in this case. It won’t be a problem if you love what you’re doing. So if you really love being a martial arts teacher, even if you experience some disappointments, you should still feel hopeful because new days present countless possibilities.

Don’t Make Big Investments


Another tip is to hold off on big investments in times of uncertainty. Putting money is already a risk so it will be unwise to invest cash when you are not so sure of the market conditions. Just start with something modest and wait until everything is stable.

Be in the Present


It may be momentarily comforting to think of past successes and future achievements, but when you are faced with uncertainty, live in the moment. Assess all of the resources that you have and work with your strengths. Stop basing your future plans on past successes and experiences, instead, focus on what you can do now and give it your all. Have an open mind and always think that you can always bounce back. Being creative and thinking of out of the box solutions is highly recommended.

To sum everything up, when faced with a crisis, look for opportunities, live in the moment, but don’t make risky decisions. Always remember that “this too shall pass”. Be patient, be hopeful, be creative, and always remember to stay positive. Good luck!

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