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Interviewing Tips for Quality Hires

If you’ve been tasked with interviewing a potential candidate before, you know very well that an interview is not the best way to know if someone is a good fit for the job. The interview process can only show us what a job seeker is willing to show. That’s the reason why not all hires work out the way we ...

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What to Look For When Hiring People

You are sitting in your office, waiting for a potential employee to come inside, sit, and discuss his credentials. You look at his resume and you’re just simply impressed. But you know, deep down inside, that resumes are not everything, that there is something more that what a piece of paper tells you. Call it instinct, something that you feel ...

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How to Hire the Right People

Looking for the right person to fill out a job takes time and effort. Countless interviews, background checks, and piles of resumes are part of this difficult process. And we all know the reason why hiring takes so long, because we all want to look for the perfect fit for our job offer. Consider this; you’ve hired an abysmal employee, ...

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