How to Hire the Right People

Looking for the right person to fill out a job takes time and effort. Countless interviews, background checks, and piles of resumes are part of this difficult process. And we all know the reason why hiring takes so long, because we all want to look for the perfect fit for our job offer.


Consider this; you’ve hired an abysmal employee, one that lacks intelligence, drive, and integrity. Think of all the consequences that this may bring up. One thing that you may not now is that when you make a bad hire, it will actually cost your martial arts school money. How much? Around twice of that bad hire’s annual salary.

Of course there is no sure way of getting the perfect person for the job, but there are some ways on how to make the hiring process better and even faster. Here are some tips on how to hire the right people.

Future Opportunities


A quarter of the total working force leave their jobs because they don’t see that their careers advancing. When hiring, think about the future possibilities that your job can offer, and make sure that you include it in your job description. If people see an opportunity for advancement, they will be more interested thus increasing the chance of you attracting a stronger candidate.

Tap Your Team


Want to get more candidates? Then ask your current employees for referrals. They are great resources for more potential hires plus, they will act as great filters. Huge companies have employee-referral programs; why not institute one of your own?

Use the Powers of the Internet!


There are a lot of websites that showcases different resumes. If you want something convenient and cost effective, then you won’t need to leave your desk and just access the web. But….

….Don’t Use Social Media


If you’re one of those bosses who Google applicants, look for their Facebook accounts and look at their pictures, then you’re actually making the hiring process worse. Social media accounts are not spot on portrayals of people’s capabilities and potential. If you really want to dig deeper, then the usual background check is sufficient.

Don’t Rely on the Interview


This would sound unusual, but the fact is, interviews are subjective. Interviews go in a lot of directions, depending on the question, your mood, and your candidate’s level of comfort with being questioned. If you want to make the most out of this face to face encounter, then I suggest doing a competency review instead. Write all the qualities and skills that you are looking for and only questions related to what you’ve written.

If you’re usually taking a lot of time looking for the right hire then please feel free to try out some of the tips you’ve read on this article. Not only will it make your hiring faster, it will also save you a lot of money. Good luck!

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