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The Awakening

Click the link to listen to the podcast: https://www.martialartsbusinessmagazine.com/the-awakening.mp3 Good afternoon, my fellow Americans and those listeners throughout the world and welcome to another edition of martialartsbusinessmagazine.com. This was an interesting article, I was going back through some old publication that I had done. This one was in International Martial Arts Journal that was found in February at 1989, a ...

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Women Taking Precautions

Click the link to hear the podcast: https://www.martialartsbusinessmagazine.com/women-taking-precautions.mp3 Welcome back, my fellow Americans and martial arts listeners throughout the world. Welcome to another edition of martialartsbusinessmagazine.com. This is Dr. Rick Black and I am back again. One of the things that I want to talk about today, very briefly, is assault against women. Each year, cringe of the dramatic increase ...

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