Women Taking Precautions

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Welcome back, my fellow Americans and martial arts listeners throughout the world. Welcome to another edition of martialartsbusinessmagazine.com. This is Dr. Rick Black and I am back again.

One of the things that I want to talk about today, very briefly, is assault against women. Each year, cringe of the dramatic increase and number of assault cases here in the non-space and you are starting to see this throughout the world also. It has nothing to do with online security or terrorism and things like that. These are simple acts of aggression. Now these aggression ranges from muggings to murders. Many can be prevented, if the victim is where potentially dangerous situations and has some idea how to react to them.

One of the things that I am trying to talk about here is how to aid new and non-martial arts people, especially women to be more aware of their surroundings. A lot of times, people can’t take the course in self-defense or they don’t want to, they don’t like exercise or they are afraid of being hurt. For women who don’t take classes and things like this, which they should, there is a few basic tips for their safety and for their awareness. As unbelievable as it may seem, good portion attacks that occur, occur in the victims homes. They occur from people they know. Family, friends, especially rapes. For example, a paper boy or an air conditioner repair man may not be quite as harmless as they seem. How about the lawn maintenance guy? Being cautious does not hurt. Almost half of all rapes are committed by someone known and by someone trusted by family members especially, consequently. One of the things that you have to be smart about is you don’t want to open your door without seeing who it is first. Never just let them know you are alone either. Don’t just say, ‘Oh, the door is open. Come on in’. That is all well-finding cool and you are in the mid-west and people don’t lock their doors. Pretend as tough as be to talking to someone behind the door. Tell the man that you are indisposed; if it is a man and you are a woman, if you don’t feel comfortable with what you see. You need to try to have a friend, or your husband there, if you have to let a stranger, a casual acquaintance in, if that is not possible, take precautions such as just asking for identification. Have a phone in your hand and call a friend, be talking to not listing individuals there. Tell him, who this person is that you just let into your house. One of the things that you want to do is you want to look out, find and see if they have a company or they own a truck. Chances are if it were an impostor, it is still to attain a uniform but not a vehicle. Be extra-careful and if you want you could call the company and ask the person that was actually sent to your home. Likewise if the stranger asks the usual phone and emergency, it is safer to make the call yourself while they wait outside.

Don’t let them pressure or curse you into letting them in, under any circumstances and in addition, be sure you close your curtain shades or blinds when you are home alone, especially when you are dressing. It sounds absurd but this is really a warning. Interviews with rapist reveal that many of them have seen their victims through bare windows. Also, don’t put your first name in the phone book because this is only inviting trouble. What you want to do is put your last name and with your first initial. Along the same lines, keep your name off your mailbox. You don’t need to be a fanatic about this stuff, just be careful when you are at home.

An invasion, there is the least. It is really by you least expected. Therefore, most of the time you are going to be least prepared. Use your common sense and these safety tips and perhaps it will help deter an assailant. You know, they fear headed. But it is worth taking the extra precautions, don’t you think? This is Dr. Rick Black, signing off. Thank you and good day.

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