Thanks TSA

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Kahr Firearms company history, conceal carry pistols and how to break-in a new handgun.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. Fuckin furries

  2. that was too good

  3. the best

  4. My sides are crying

  5. 8/10 quite the ruse

  6. ROBLOXthekoolguy1010

    TSA caused 9/11, their fault they let in a terrorist.

  7. The65mustangfastback


  8. Before anyone wants to get upset over the 9/11 footage, let’s look at what
    the video is trying to highlight: The “stop screen and go” will never make
    us safe. It’s just a ploy to make the public think the rights they give up
    is worth the “safety”.

  9. NotOrdinaryInGames


  10. top fucking kek.

  11. I fucking died

  12. They missed out the part where the mom gets taken into a private room for a
    “thorough screening” you know right before the part where the mom files for
    sexual harassment

  13. TheRealTerranMarine

    found this on /co/ a while back, all my kek

  14. Why did I laugh? XD

  15. FURRIES DID 9/11

  16. Topkek

  17. Captions;
    ‘yep how much scary’
    ‘stop screen Cup yep’
    ‘that’s what it takes to get ready for takeoff Thank You TSA’
    ‘you’re welcome have a great trip’

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