Be Engaging for Better Business

9-18-2013 8-49-58 PM

Have you ever wanted a certain product to be made to your specifications? Or have you ever wanted to slightly tweak a service so it will suit you just the way you want it? Before, it was hard to voice out our opinions to businesses. We had to send written letters just to give them a piece of our minds and we weren’t even sure if our letters were read. Now, all we have to do is write something on their Facebook page, send them a Tweet, or post something on their blog on Tumblr. The people of the internet can dictate and push whatever they want. Due to the number of people who use the internet, they can never be ignored, and that’s the reason why CEO’s and small business owners must engage with their customers through social media.

It’s not even about the marketing or the advertisement capabilities of these social platforms. It’s the connection between companies and the people that they wish to serve. A study called “2012 Global CEO Study” has released their results and they have found that the key to be better in business is engagement with the people. For example, thanks to social media, 72% of CEO’s are now seeking better understanding of the needs of the customers. This way, whenever people want to modify a product or a service, they can do so with enough backing from fellow customers. Think of it as a way of collaboration. Your customers can represent a seat in your brainstorming sessions. If you’re looking for new ways to improve your business, then all you have to do is listen to what the people want.

The study also stated that only 15% of current CEO’s still plan to use traditional media for advertisements. Due to the trend, business leaders are now leaving old school ways for newer methods of marketing.

If you think you’re going to have a hard time following with what’s happening in the business world, you can start with one word. Openness. Be open with new ideas, be brave enough to leave traditional ways. Based on the study, companies who do very well in business are 30% more likely to promote openness as one of the main ideologies to influence their organization.

And as long as we’re talking about being open, we can also use this mentality to break into new industries. According to the study, excellent companies are 48% more likely to break into new industries and 50% more likely to create new ways to do business. The martial arts world is a vast one, so you can probably interconnect different things to create a new product or service. Expand your horizons and never be contented.

Be engaging to your customers, be more open, and embrace the new trends that are popping out every day. Your old ways may be effective, but if you want your martial arts school to grow, then your horizons should grow and expand as well.

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