Better Person Better Businessman


Being associated in business can be ruthless. We all hear stories about corporate leaders being narcissists with huge egos and god complexes. Some of these bosses outsource jobs, which hurt the local economy. But workers on other countries are exploited as well, earning little money and doing full time work.

As martial artists, masters, teachers, you should all remember the reason why martial arts was created in the first place. It’s to help the weak and to preserve peace. You may be asking, “What does this have to do with business?” Then let me share this with you. I’ve been coming to this local bookstore where you can read anything you want as long as you read the book there. The owner is always helpful, knows me by my name, always smiles, and answers all of my questions about books. It may seem like I’m abusing the owner’s generosity because there are times that I hang out there and just read and never buy anything. The owner never pressures me to buy books and he just lets me be. I was so impressed by his kindness that I’ve decided to buy all of my books from that place. And if someone asks me where to get books, I always recommend that local bookstore.

The thing to get from what I just told you is that, sometimes it’s better to forget about the sale and be a better person instead. When someone comes into your martial arts school, ask them what they really want and answer all of the questions that they may have. If they are looking for a Wing Chun class but you don’t offer it, suggest another martial arts school where they can get that class. If they are looking for equipment, offer them your merchandise if you have them or suggest another good sports shop. Think of it as passing it forward. Your good deed may not earn you money right now but it will give you more customers in the future. If the word spreads that you are a kind, trustworthy and truthful person, students and customers will be attracted to your school.

As for your current students, always help them by talking to them regularly, or by checking up on how they are with their goals. Talk to the parents; ask for feedback on how to make the school better. Provide a better service, exert more effort, and generally become a better master and teacher. It’s not all about making money and having a big sales number and a high enrollment rate. When you build your reputation as a knowledgeable, wise,  and honest master, you will be the person that people will search for when they are looking for answers.

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