How to Be a Good Boss in a Martial Arts School

It’s not easy being on top. It’s lonely, you make hard decisions, and almost everyone hates you because you are their superior. If you are living your business life like this, you can change and tweak some things to be more loved while still being respected. Here are some of the tips:

Recognize the Work of Others


Your martial arts school would not succeed without the help of your team. Give credit where credit is due. Give compliments and even rewards from time to time. You have to realize that the collective work from the employees is keeping your business alive. Sure, you make all the decisions and you lead them, but without their help, you can’t do squat.

Learn how to Trust


You can only be trusted if you also trust other people. Don’t hog all the work and delegate it to other people. If you think they can’t handle the work, guide them step by step. Gradually they will get used to the job and they’ll do things their way. Avoid micromanaging your staff. If you can see that their work process is different from yours then make an honest comment, but only judge the end result. If it’s the same or better than yours, let it be.

Get to Know Your Staff


This will probably get rid of the loneliness if you just get to know your workers. It’s not impossible to have a non-business relationship with your staff. There should be a certain distance to maintain respect, over-familiarity should also be avoided, but for crying out loud show some interest! Know their motives, and know their strengths. You can use this information to better allocate people to the right position. Plus, people like it when they get to talk and the boss is listening.

Let them Make Decisions


Doing everything by yourself may be productive in the short term, but in the long run, it will better for your martial arts school if other people can decide in your behalf. Empower you workers by letting them decide on minor things and even crucial ones. They will feel that their opinion is being considered and that they are really part of the school and not just an employee. Are you scared because they might make the wrong decision? Don’t be, that’s a part of learning. Let your employee decide and never counter their decision. If they make a mistake, take it as a learning exercise and opportunity for them to grow.

To end this I have one more tip; if you get a bonus, throw a party for them at your house. If your martial arts school gets a surge in profits and you extra money to burn, set-up a party, buy drinks, and pay for catering. Your employees will love it and appreciate you more. It will serve as a bonding moment for the whole school, plus it will be forever remembered as a good memory.

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