How to Be a Great Leader


When it comes to life, we all have been followers. In business, we all have been employees, even if you say that you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you still had your parents to lead you through life and eventually into work. My point is, there are persons that we look up to, people that we consider following even to the ends of the world.

These people are called leaders. They are not just simple bosses or managers. Leaders are people who we look up to because they fuel our drive and make us want to work harder and better. Leaders share their vision, unifies everyone efforts to accomplish things that everyone will be proud of. Ask yourself this question; are you just a manager, or a great leader?

Turning to a great leader doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process that requires knowledge and experience to be attained. I can’t provide the experience, but I sure can give you some pointers.

Stop Micromanaging


Just imagine your superior breathing down your neck while working on something in front of a computer. Doesn’t paint a good picture eh? Nobody likes to be nagged, especially in the workplace. What micromanaging really accomplishes is the feeling of insecurity that bosses put on employees. Nobody doesn’t like to be kept on their toes while they’re working. A good workplace is relaxing, so if you keep checking up on your employees every 15 minutes then expect them to be wary and even scared of you. Being scary is not the same as being respected, so quit nagging your employees and let them work in peace.

Leaders Create Leaders


When you are inspiring people to do good work, eventually they aspire to be as inspiring as you. If you keep up the good work as a great leader, your subordinates will also be great leaders as well. As the old saying says, good followers make good leaders. If you want to really know if you are creating leaders, count the people who come to you for advice. It doesn’t need to be work related. If a lot of people heed your words of wisdom, then you’re doing something right.

Leaders Work with People


There is nothing better than seeing your superior working with you and not just telling you what you need to do. In the old days of war, a King who fights with his men is a great morale booster. We can also apply this into the present workplace. If you, as a leader, lead by example, your employees will be motivated to do their jobs well.

So remember these 3 things, lead by example, stop micromanaging, and count the people who come to you for advice. If you’re just trying these things out, then go slow, it will take some getting used to. But in the long run, it will be better for you and your employees if you transform from a boss into a great leader. Good luck!

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