How to Be Charismatic

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In business success, Charisma is of great importance.Influencing other people is hard without it. You will struggle to close a sale and almost impossible to be on top. But it is well known that charisma cannot be developed, its either you got it or not.

I disagree.

Charisma for me is a skill, and for any skill, it can be learned and honed. Here’s some pointers  on how to be charismatic.

Know your Stuff Deeply

One of the most powerful ways to appear as charismatic is to prepare and study your stuff well. A lot of intelligent and talented people fail in big meetings and presentations. They know the basics but dig deeper and you’ll see that what they know is shallow.

Not knowing the ins and outs lowers their charisma in so many ways. They are quite unsure with their answers as they don’t have solid knowledge of the issue which makes them less confident and they tend to speak less and therefore, make less of an impression.

On the other hand, if you are truly prepared for, example, a presentation, you have a complete grasp of the subtle points, you are empowered by your knowledge and your aura speaks of confidence. You are fearless when you make your point. Therefore people see you as a strong and influential speaker.

Be Inquisitive

Be in control. The person who asks questions normally dominates the meeting. Those who ask sensible questions are normally perceived as intelligent and even wise- both elements create the illusion of charisma. People are drawn to those who have a sound mind but it’s always been that those who ask a lot of questions have the best impression compared to those who can provide the answer.

Truth be told, one of the most efficient ways of looking more charismatic is to ask more questions in important meetings. In doing so, you become the centre of the meeting and as a result people will directly talk to you.

Hand Gestures When Talking

Watch somebody who exudes charisma and you’ll see that they when they talk or explain something, hand movements are often used if not its unavoidable. It’s like an orchestra. They use their hands to orchestrate charisma. Hand gesticulation make people look more ardent, vigorous and are certain signs of certitude-all vital ingredients of charisma.

People lacking charisma, in most cases, deliver their thoughts with no hand gestures to help them. It’s like delivering a speech in monotone. Lifeless.

Sincere Interest In The People You Encounter With.

It seems irrational, but people admire those who are passionate and interested in what they are saying. You can see it in their eyes. Like a fire burning. Their eyes glow when they talk.

A lot of people are looking for appreciation and respect, that if you provide it to them they’ll become your avid admirers.

By just listening to them with eager attention and showing unwavering interest in the thoughts they make, you will normally have a great, positive effect on them. By merely showing understanding on what they say, even without telling anything, they will view you as someone who has keen interest because you are tactful. As an old saying goes “ to appear interesting be interested”.

Be Passionate.

When people are passionate in what they do, they automatically become more charismatic. The more you’re drawn into it the wilder you become in presenting it. Passionate people are more magnetic than those who are uncertain.

Be Energetic.

Most people judge people by the energy they bring forth. People are attracted to strong, uplifting energy.

Being energetic when you talk and when you move captivates people. So before you walk into a meeting, make sure to gather yourself and lift your energy. It can make a big difference on how people see you.

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