How to be Number 1

As a martial artist, you know the path to being the best is by getting the highest level of competency and proving yourself in competition. In the business world, it’s equally hard but a little bit more complicated. Let’s say that having a successful martial arts school is like having your first black belt. You’ve mastered the basics, but you are not considered an expert. If you want to know how to be number 1, then you have to exceed your current status and stay ahead of everyone.

What are the benefits of being an expert? Aside from the nice ring to it, being the best will attract more customers, students, and business opportunities. People always want the best service and the best information. You can be that person who everybody listens to, and I’ve got the information to make this possible.

Be on TV


I’m sure you’ve seen a reporter talk about a certain incident or topic on TV. They always have an expert to talk to regarding these said instances. Actually, some of them just claim to be experts and you can be one of those faux-specialists they have on panels. Think of it as acting like an expert before you become one. This is just for publicity and getting your name out there.

Write Something Useful


To be sought after, you must be of use to others. Provide well researched information and get it printed. You can start by paying to be printed on newspapers. Hopefully, you can be invited to write an article on a magazine or be interviewed. The best thing you can do is write a book related to martial arts. It can be something about your discipline, or how you handle your business. Being published on the internet is also another option, but make sure that the website is respected and well known.

Predict the Future


Well, sort of. I’ve written some articles about forecasting and its importance on growth and expansion. To be called an expert, you have to forecast not only for your school, but for the whole martial arts industry. You need to study trends, dive in to your industry’s history, read a lot of books, and get mentoring from other experts as well. Combine all of these to get a hint of what’s going to happen. If you’ve predicted that something will happen and it does, you won’t just be an expert, you’ll be a legend.

What I’ve written may seem like short cuts, but in actuality, it involves a lot of hard work. Yes, it may take a lot of time to get there, but once you reach the top, it will all be worth it. Good luck!


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