How to Be the Best Employee

In our last article we’ve talked about creating a better and more unified team. Now, I will be talking directly to those team members on how to be their best. But you don’t need to be an employee to appreciate this article. You can be the owner who just wants to know more information to share with the staff or a simple part of the work force who wants to excel more at his job. What I’m going to tell you now may or may not be part of the usual guidelines on how to be the best employee, but I’ll guarantee you that it will boost your performance and separate you from the rest.

Know Who You’re Working For


Every employee has a boss, and it will do you good if you get to know them better. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a butt kisser or even be buddies with your superior. This just means that you should know how your boss operates. Know what needs to be done for you to get the coveted “job well done”. This also means that you should work on your communication skills. Successful communication is a two way street so if you’re talking more and more with your manager or leader, then that means you’re doing something great.

Master your Craft


For martial arts competitions, aside from practicing, you should always know the rules. This also applies to your job. Before you perfect your work, be sure that you identify all the rules. After that, be the best that you can be. Treat your job as a gift that has been given to you. Do not consider work as burden or hard labor, cherish, and appreciate. This is your chance to prove your worth so why not give it your all?

Be the Solution, not the Problem


Businesses are often peppered with problems. Although it may be inconvenient, these problems give you the opportunity to work your magic. When problems come up, always offer the solution. As I’ve said, problems will be part of your work, so every time it shows up, people will remember you to be the one who brought the solution. If future projects or new responsibilities materialize, your managers and leaders may need your help and you might just get promoted.

Never Let Opportunity Pass You By


It may sound cliché but it’s not a bad idea to remind people the importance of grabbing opportunities. Whenever your boss asks for a volunteer for a different type of work, even if it brings you out of your comfort zone, always raise your hand. Treat yourself as a commodity that needs to be used and shared with lots of different people, even outside your usual work area. If you are exposed to various parts of the business, it will help you make connections with a lot of people.

Be a Beacon of Positivity


If you hate people that suck the energy out of you because of their constant whining and negativity then be the opposite. Be the one who inspire people to work harder and better, great leaders and managers possess that trait. You may call it charisma or magnetism, but being positive can be as simple as smiling whenever you enter a room or by walking with a spring in your step around the workplace.  Greet everyone and exchange pleasant comments. If you do this regularly, this will spread and in the end, you will be surrounded by people who are pleasant to work with.

As a last piece of advice, love what you are doing. Consider yourself as a special part of the organization that contributes greatly to the greater cause. By doing so, you’ll get notice more and will eventually become and indispensable part of the business itself. Good luck!


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