How to Build Your Reputation


We may not give too much importance on this topic, but your reputation has a huge impact on your martial arts school. Your past, whatever it is, built your current reputation. Maybe you were a strong competitor, or your family is famous for being great at business. These are some of the positive factors that affect your standing now in the martial arts business world. I’m not saying that your past is a definite requirement, it helps, yes, it helps a lot, but for those people who want to build a new and better reputation, I’m going to tell you that it’s not over yet.

Most people can be forgiving and are open to second chances. Whatever you did in the past stays there, and your actions from now on and in the future should be of outmost importance. I will present you with some pointers on how to build your reputation. The first thing is to…

…Define What Kind of Reputation You Want


Before you start building one, you should know what kind you want. You can specific like “I want to be known as a kind person” or you can have a lot like “I want to be known as a great martial arts businessman, who produces excellent students, and have a reputation as an honest person”. It all depends on what you want, all you have to do now is know what you want to achieve.

It Takes Time and Consistency


Having a reputation doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re really dedicated into doing this then you should be prepared to stick with it. It should also be consistent. People can be forgiving, but one slip up after another will definitely ruin your business or your career.

Do So with Conviction


At your current state, you’re not the man you want to be, so I highly suggest that you act like the man you want to be, but, do so with conviction. Your current actions and the words that come out of your mouth will define who you are as a person. Think twice before you act and speak, be careful. And when you do act, don’t be afraid to let other people know what you stand for. Are you lacking confidence? Then read up and be an expert. Life is an everyday battle so be prepared.

And the last piece of advice that I’ll give is to never give up. Be relentless, be strong. If at the first year it doesn’t change, then just keep at it and sooner or later, people will appreciate your tenacity. If you successfully achieve the reputation that you want, then expect people to be more trusting of your business.

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