How to Create Irresistible Offers


On one of our past articles (How to Get More Students Through E-mail Marketing) we’ve talked about the usefulness of a call to action when it’s placed on an email or a newsletter. A call to action encourages consumers to act quickly because of an offer that you’ll make. Offers are highly useful in increasing the number of your enrolees. You present something that they may want, and in return, you get more students.

There are some martial arts masters that believe offers, or any kind of deals are not needed because they think they are so great. They believe that people will just naturally enroll without any additional encouragement. From my perspective, consumers still look for things with great value. That doesn’t mean that people should settle for martial arts school with less quality. If consumers are offered a school with a great martial arts master plus a great enrollment deal then they are more likely to choose that school.

Committing VS Doing Nothing

Let’s break everything down. You have a martial arts school. You invite people to enroll in your school. But before you get them successfully enrolled, they have to decide for themselves, if they are really going to commit their time and money in pursuing a discipline. Committing can be very hard to do, especially for people who are unsure. On the other hand, doing nothing, is very easy to do, which is what most people do. Our job is to prevent them from doing nothing, and giving them an extra push to commit in enrolling in your school.

That’s where the offer comes in. Examples of offers can be like:

Get your free uniform if you enroll right now!

Pay for 2 months and get one free 1 on 1 class with Master (insert name here)!

Sign up and registration fee waved if you join today!

If you don’t like it, don’t pay for it! Money back guarantee! Sign up now!

The examples that I gave you have 3 elements. One is a Reference from which they are compared to. A free uniform offer, compared to a normal enrollment is automatically better. The second element is the “too good to be true” element which will get their attention. And the last part is the Element of Urgency which instructs consumers to act at that very moment or within a certain time frame.

You can use the examples that I gave you or you can make new ones and try them out. Be truthful in your offers, for example, if you say, this offer lasts until December 31, then end that offer when January 1 comes. When someone asks for that offer, you can say that it ended but you have a new one for the New Year.  Aside from being honest, you’re also letting people know that the Element of Urgency in your deals and offers are real.

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