How to Get Positive Customer Feedback

It feels good when you hear other people say good things about you. This is about your personal reputation. But when people talk about your about your martial arts school, what they’re discussing is your company’s integrity.

One of the best kinds of advertising is by word-of-mouth, mostly because it’s honest and will not cost you a single dollar. The only bad thing about word-of-mouth, is our inability to control it. You cannot force people to like your school and you cannot edit what they say or instantaneously change what they’re feeling. The good thing is, you can get positive customer feedback by accomplishing some things that I’ll list in this article. Here is how to get positive customer feedback:

Shill Marketing is a No Go


Shill marketing is a strategy where in a company hires people to pose as happy or satisfied customers in the purpose of persuading others to buy products from said company. There are a lot of forms of shill marketing, but this is the most commonly used. People who have been hired usually say that a company’s product or service is the best, and that they’ve used it and they were very pleased. Instead of doing this, be honest with your customers and give necessary details about your services. Shill marketing, If found, can cause a very severe public backlash that can put an end to your school.

Have a United Ethical Commitment


If you have an ethical obligation that you uphold, then make sure that you’re not the only one who maintains it. Your whole company should share your commitment. Every employee, every partner, and if possible, every student and even parents should know what your martial arts school stands for. So put your statement out there. Say what you stand for out loud and make sure that the people that surround you support and understand your mission.

Monitor Word-of-Mouth


You can’t control what people say about your martial arts school, but you can monitor what they say. This is the only way to check if your products have been accepted by the public or not. Knowing what the people say can also be useful in refining your services, and anything related to your martial arts school. If the word-of-mouth turns out to be positive, then it’s a sign that the public now trusts your martial arts school.

Public opinion can make or break your martial arts school. By accomplishing the recommendations that I’ve made, it will increase the chance of your company acquiring positive response from people. If by any chance that you get a negative feedback, don’t panic, and address the issue quickly and effectively. Good luck!

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