How to Get Your Employees to Speak Up

10-24-2013 4-12-58 PM

A whole company or a team of employees should know how to communicate openly and actively. It’s a way to keep your staff united and focused to the tasks and challenges that can appear any and every time. Imagine your employees confidently communicating to everybody, even with you and people on higher ranks. People who can talk freely and professionally are engaged and energetic which helps your school run smoother and faster. Here are some of the steps that you can take on how to get your employees to speak up.

Create a Safe Environment

Most of your employees keep their thoughts to themselves because they’re afraid of the repercussions. Tell them that your school is a safe place for open and honest communication. Lead by example and talk to them often. Tell them your experiences, your successes, and your mistakes. Encourage them to do the same and let them share ideas and tips. Make them feel secure to talk without the fear of punishment and ridicule. If this catches on, expect problems to be solved faster and new thoughts to be created that will boost your martial arts school.

Mix Things Up

Meetings are boring while e-mails are ineffective. Mix things up by creating new ways on how to communicate. Have a lunch meeting, have team building exercises, or set up a competition like a game that will force your employees to talk to each other. Aside from nurturing communication, you’re creating new experiences that will make your employees closer. Also, mix people from different departments of your school. It will break down the animosity that is always present when there is division involved.

Give Rewards for Bravery

Not all people have the confidence and the bravado to speak up. So make an example out of the people who do. A simple ‘thank you’ or a ‘job well done’ can suffice (do it in front of the other team members) or more responsibilities and authority. If need be, you can also promote people for very good ideas. Cash can also be a great motivator.

Be Careful with Your Words

When someone decided to speak up and share his idea, go easy on your reply or feedback. Some of your employees may bring forth bad ideas, but that’s not a reason to bash them with harsh words. Instead of bluntly saying “It’s awful” work around cruel words and criticize constructively. You can say phrases like “Points for effort, but try again.” Or “Your idea’s not bad, but it needs more panache.” Don’t forget to smile.

Efficiency is brought upon by free and open communication. Make your martial arts school work effectively by encouraging your staff to speak up. Break down the barriers that prevent them from speaking. Destroy the walls that divide your staff into groups. It’s not too late to encourage your team to speak up, and it all begins with you. Start chatting for a better and more efficient martial arts school.

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