How to Go Viral on YouTube

10-22-2013 2-15-01 AM

If you’ve heard the phrase “Go viral” 10 years ago, you would’ve most likely related this to the flue or any communicable disease. But for the present, going viral is a respectable part of marketing that possesses a lot of advantages. It’s cheap, has the greatest potential to reach a lot of people, and easy to do. Although it has a lot of benefits, a viral video, like the internet, has never been studied in full. What I’m trying to say is this; there is no exact formula on what comprises a hit video. There are a lot of viral videos out there about cats, sneezing pandas, pranks, acts of stupidity, people with talent, and I could go on and on. It’s challenging to come up with a video that can capture a lot of people’s attention, but it can be done and the rewards could greatly boost your martial arts school. There may not be an exact formula on how to create a viral video, but there are tips and tricks on how to go viral on YouTube.

Know What People Want

People who are always online have built a culture where some things are more preferable than others. A very good example is cats. Cats, in the world wide web, are adored by millions. Nobody knows why cats have ruled the internet but it is fact. Zombies are also a famous topic among the netizens of the interweb. Superheroes are also well known like Batman, Superman, Spider-man and Iron-man. People also favor comedy over drama. Anything cute is a hit like unicorns, pandas, ponies, babies, and other small creatures. If you could make martial arts video about a guy dressed like Batman fighting his way through hordes of zombies while unicorns and cats jumped and flew in the background then I believe that you would have a video capable of being viral. You don’t need to do my suggestion, you can also think of other ideas for your video. Before you start shooting though, watch a few clips on YouTube and try to understand what attracts people.

Make it Entertaining

One trait that all viral videos share is that they catch your attention. Whether through comedy, or presenting something adorable, entertaining the audience should be a top priority. Plastering your company’s message all throughout the video can be a turn off for viewers. Focus on making your video enjoyable and worry about your message later. When you know you’ve got something, be creative on how you incorporate your message with what you already have. You can use incidental promotions like product placements or putting a credit at the end of the video for your martial arts school.

Have Fun with It

The first people who made it big before being “viral” became a big deal only wanted to share a cute or hilarious video that they caught on camera. They never intended to become big; they just found it funny and entertaining to post a video. You can use this same mentality as you create your videos. Make it fun and have fun doing it. Don’t think too hard on putting a hit video. If you believe that your creation is amusing then upload it, if it doesn’t get widespread attention then try again.

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