How to Handle Idiots in Your Workplace

Sad but true, idiots are everywhere. Some of your friends are idiots. Some of your family members are idiots. I have my idiots too and yeah, at times they can be funny and entertaining. But if you have idiots working for you in your martial arts school, that’s a whole different thing. We may be entertained by jerks we see on TV and the movies, but when it comes to business, nobody’s laughing.

You see, these people tend to create more friction and drama. They make their workmates uncomfortable, they decrease morale, and just makes the whole experience of working intolerable.

I’ll give you some tips on how to handle idiots in your martial arts school. First on our list is…

…Focus on Performance

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Instead of starting an explosive confrontation, look at an idiot’s work performance, behavior, and work output. Judging a person’s personality and attitude directly is a bad idea, idiots are people too and you can’t judge them on those kinds of things. What you can do is comment on their work and their professional behavior and how it’s affecting your business.

Don’t be an Enabler

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Idiots or jerks are very charismatic. That is one trait why they can do the things they do with no or little apprehension. You may not be noticing it, but you can also be one of the reasons why a culture of this sort exists in your business. Some people like idiots and jerks abuse leniency. Give them a half day-off once and they’ll expect it to be given to them regularly. Take care of one of their responsibilities and expect it to be a regular thing. Point is, don’t enable or reward their behavior. Avoiding confrontation can also be a way of enabling a person so man up and have that talk.

Don’t be an Idiot

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It’s easy to judge others but when it comes to ourselves, it becomes a cumbersome task. Assess yourself, your behavior and actions to your co-workers or employees. You might be the biggest idiot in the workplace and you don’t even know it. So if you are an idiot, treat people with the respect and trust that they deserve. Help them help you.

Stop the idiots that ruin your business. Have a healthier working environment for your employees by confronting jerks. If you’re still not too clear on what to do, just remember the golden rule.

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