How to Improve Work Performance


There are a lot of factors that affect how your employees generate a substantial amount of work output. You should be concerned with these factors as they greatly affect how much your martial arts school earns. If you’re having a hard time knowing what these factors are, fear no more. just made a research out of 121 million anonymous performance records and they’ve just proven one thing, the more you know about your employees, the better.

According to this big data analysis, people have their own sets of factors that affect their work performance. It’s not a readied set of traits that you are looking for during job hiring or the positives that a job seeker tells you when he or she is job hunting. Each and every one of your employees have unique things like computer programs, working conditions, and even their social media presence that can affect how well they work. Here are some of the things that you need to know on how to improve work performance.

If you have hourly workers on the payroll, you should know that according to the big data analysis, these type of workers don’t last that long. Only 50% of hourly paid workers stay so if you have some that you want to keep for much longer, consider changing their contract.

We’ve discussed before the beauty of letting your employees work at home. According to big data, people who stay at home last longer in their companies more by 20% compared to people who go to offices. But still, be warned, as the study also says that less work is done by people who stay at home at 1.6%.

Computer programs like web browsers also affect the quality of your employee’s work. According to the study, even more people hate Internet Explorer. People who choose to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome stay at their jobs longer, miss 15% fewer work days, and deliver higher customer satisfaction.

Social media is also important at work. People who are involved in 3 to 4 social media platforms tend to do a better job than those who have only 1. So promote the use of social media in your school, they’re doing it behind your back anyway.

If your employee’s home is just a short walk away from your school then encourage them to walk. Aside from the energy boost, exercise, and saving of precious gas, the study says that it can make them last longer in their jobs by 58%.

There are a lot of things that can affect your workers productivity and I’m sure what I’ve listed is not all of them. So the best thing to do is to know your employee better and see what he or she likes. This all matters because companies lose $350 billion each year because of low work productivity and employee attrition.

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