How to Improve Your School Website


A website is a necessary tool for every business, and that includes your martial arts school. But not everybody is versed on the way of the internet. Some people, maybe even you, don’t know what to exactly put on their websites. Other post too little information, other posts too many. Some websites are confusing, and some are just ugly. If you think your website has a problem, I’m here to help. This is how to improve your school website.

Get Professional Help

People on the internet are ruthless. When they see something not appealing to their eyes then they will do their best to not look at it. Netizens are also prone to dishing out verbal abuse so if your website doesn’t look good, prepare to read some hurtful comments. That’s where professional web designers come in. They make sure that your website looks appealing not only to you, but also to your target audience. Yes, you’ll shell out money, but at least your website won’t look like a 9 year old girl’s MySpace page.

You can also do it yourself or ask a friend, family member, student, or employee who knows how to design web pages. But remember, the quality of your website reflects the quality of your martial arts school. Bottom line is, make your website look great.

Required Pages

Every Website should have all of these pages. The first one is the index or the Home Page which is the first page that you see whenever you visit a website. A home page is like a welcoming page that directs the visitor to the information that he or she wants to acquire. Make the home page clean and un-complicated. Sites that pollute their home pages with too much information can make visitors furious.

Other than a directory of sorts, you can also use your home page to post pictures (but not too many), your school’s logo and the statement of your school. You can also post a picture or a list of your awards.

Another valuable piece of information that you should put on your website is your Contacts. Most people go to websites to find a way for them to communicate with you so make it easy. You can put it on a separate page which will make it more organized, or put it at the bottom of every page of your website.

Visitors may also be interested about you, the instructors, and how your martial arts school started so an About Us page is a welcome addition to your site. Post a picture of yourself and tell a story of how everything started. Don’t make it boring. This presents another chance to successfully recruit another student to your school. Make it interesting, and don’t be afraid to put some personality into it.

A Frequently Asked Questions page or a FAQ is another staple of any good martial arts website. It’s really simple. Post any frequently asked question that you always get and answer no matter how simple the questions may be. It will help your visitors with their own questions and give them additional knowledge as well.

Aside from FAQs, you should also put the things that people will learn in your school. All you need to indicate is the discipline and a brief explanation of what it is or how it was made.

A Schedule of the training days and hours should also be included in your website. Putting it on a separate page from the other information will also be appreciated by your visitors. You can also make an Offer page where you all have your school packages, discounts or what have you. The offer page should also have a sign-up form where they can put their information for a free trial session or newsletters from your school. And lastly, don’t forget to mention why they should trained by you. Convince them of how they will improve if they join you’re your martial arts school.

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