How to Increase Revenue


What makes a Master successful? Is it the total learning of all the secrets of martial arts? Is it becoming rich by being a successful small business owner? Or is it producing the best students and bringing forth the new hope for martial arts? Some people may only choose one from the options that I’ve listed, but I really do hope you chose all of them. Some people are conflicted when it comes to teaching with “compensation”. I believe that it’s alright to accept payment for teaching, as long as you really believe in what you’re doing and you really are imparting genuine wisdom and knowledge to your students.

One thing I want to believe is that teaching should be brought upon by the love of the craft and not from love of money. Some masters have different reasons why they teach. Some are called for it, some desire to pass on the knowledge, and some want to produce the best students. All of these are somehow incorporated with accepting money from the students for the services you render, and again it’s alright. Now if you are already in the process of accepting money or having your own school, then how do you increase it? I have one simple answer. Increase your quality as a master.


The logic behind it is a modest one and you might have already known it. Doctors become masters of health and medicine and they get paid a lot of money. PhD graduates, people who have Master’s degrees, are all examples of people who studied further and increased their quality, thus gaining the right to get paid better. It’s kind of the same with being a master of your dojo. If people would know your quality, then they will seek you out and your students will increase.  But I’m not just talking about your techniques and knowledge as a martial artist. Aside from the essentials, you also need to be enlightened.

Being a true master knows his center, doesn’t think too much of the material world, and is at peace while being confident at the same time. Everybody has his own way of being enlightened, and the real challenge is finding what makes a master totally in center with his self. If you are hoping to find some tips then let me give you some of the known ones. They may not totally make you at center, but they are suggestions on how to be closer to being a master.


Look at your martial arts heroes and idols. One way of becoming a true master is surpassing their legacy and creating your own.

Money is not everything. While you are doing great at your business or school, strive for something bigger that monetary compensation.

If you have already mastered your chosen discipline, widen your exposure and study different martial arts. You don’t really need to master them if you don’t want to, but at least know the basics.

Engage and explore different ways to get your message out there. If you believe your message should really be known around the world then do something about it.

As I’ve mentioned, these are only suggestions. It’s up to you to find what makes you totally in center. But I really believe that one thing is necessary and that is to give, contribute to your community and ultimately to mankind. Because what’s the point of being a teacher, when you don’t share what you know.


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