How to Leave Your Comfort Zone


Leaving the comfort zone isn’t easy. Comfort is where we’re supposed to be, like our beds at 6am in the morning or locked in a warm hug given by a loved one. Zone presents us with something territorial, like our own spot in the universe where no one can’t touch us. But within our selves, there is that uneasiness that brews. We are satisfied in staying in this cocoon that we’ve weaved for ourselves but there is a nagging voice inside our minds that tells us to go. Our survival instinct dictates that we shouldn’t leave our comfort zone, but isn’t it more logical to leave and be better in the future, rather than stay and be the same until the day that we die?

Leaving the comfort zone means challenging ourselves to be better. As we push ourselves, we will learn new things and experience different scenarios that will equip us for our future endeavors. If you’re having a hard time leaving your comfort zone, here are some tips to ease the pain a little bit.

  1. Let the uneasiness you feel fuel your drive. I know you feel that thing inside your heart. That uncomfortable lump in your throat that says “Even though I’m comfortable, I want to be better.” You won’t be happy by living with that uneasiness, use it to force yourself to act and learn new things. If you haven’t experienced marketing from door to door because “it’s hard” then tell yourself you can’t go to sleep without doing so. Trust me; guilt is an effective stimulant so use it to your advantage.
  2. Practice doing things under pressure. As martial artists, you are used to the pressure. Whether it’s pressuring yourself to practice more, or the pressure you feel during competitions. If you can, squeeze more activities that have a pressure component like a chess game or scrabble with timers. When the time comes that you’re really pressured, you will have a clear head and a steady judgment.
  3. Other people are having a hard time leaving the comfort zone because it’s scary. What they forget is that trying new things can mean having a new and wonderful experience. There is no harm in trying. Go ahead, have a little courage and just try.
  4. Talk to experienced people. In martial arts and in life, we all need a mentor. If you have someone you look up to, give them a call or talk to them face to face. Ask questions about not leaving the comfort zone and the consequences that it may entail. Ask about challenging things that they’ve done and the rewards that they’ve reaped for conquering their fears.
  5. Don’t forget to reward yourself. Experiencing fresh things and learning new skills is already a reward in itself, but there’s no harm in giving yourself a gift or a token. It will serve as a short term goal and a reminder to push yourself further whenever you need to leave your comfort zone.

If you’re uncomfortable in being comfortable, then you need to do something about it. Being in the comfort zone will hinder you of the potential that everybody has. You need to be courageous and patient. Start becoming a better person right now.