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How to Set Achievable Goals

I really do believe that making goals is the start of everything that we do in life. Even in the simplest actions as getting up and getting a glass of water involves the creation of a goal then acting upon what we wanted. For bigger things, it’s the same process, a more complicated process, but still the same. It all ...

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How to Leave Your Comfort Zone

Leaving the comfort zone isn’t easy. Comfort is where we’re supposed to be, like our beds at 6am in the morning or locked in a warm hug given by a loved one. Zone presents us with something territorial, like our own spot in the universe where no one can’t touch us. But within our selves, there is that uneasiness that ...

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Taking Care of the Master

Being a Master of a martial arts studio is a lot of work. Aside from being a Master or a Teacher, you also need to be a boss or a leader to your staff. You are handling students and you are handling your team. You’re taking care of the school while maintaining your virtues and principles as a martial artist. ...

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