Taking Care of the Master

Being a Master of a martial arts studio is a lot of work. Aside from being a Master or a Teacher, you also need to be a boss or a leader to your staff. You are handling students and you are handling your team. You’re taking care of the school while maintaining your virtues and principles as a martial artist. You’re doing a good job of being a boss and a teacher, the question is, are you taking care of yourself? If you’re getting tired and stressed with all of the teaching and managing, here are some ways on how to improve you working condition.


Have Some Alone Time

Yes, no man is an island, we need to be surrounded by other people to make our lives better. But if you’re constantly encircled by disciples or staff members, it will take a toll on you and your capacity to manage your school. According to psychological studies, being alone can boost performance, improve concentration, and reduce stress. Do what makes you happy for one hour everyday alone to reward yourself for all the hard work. Take a 1 hour lunch, go for a jog, meditate, or simply sit on a bench and let your mind drift away, it will reward you tremendously so be sure to carve 1 hour of your day for yourself.


Spend Money on Things That Will Improve Your Job

Being a business man, you know that saving money is very important. But in some cases, not spending money will do you more harm. If you spend some time of your day sitting on your desk viewing student profiles or looking at papers, then get a good office chair. Maybe replace your 10 year old desk and buy a better and faster computer. Buy things that will help your job, in doing so, you will be more efficient and less stressed.


Recognize Your Success

Businessmen are workaholics, or turn into workaholics in one way or another. If you think that having a martial arts business will give you more time to yourself or to your family then you’re going to have a hard time accepting that having a business takes most of your time. After managing and teaching, a good thing to do is to clean up and go home. But some masters still work by creating marketing plans or by contacting suppliers to stock the school store. While this maybe okay, overworking will ultimately lead to sickness and the loss of quality to your work output. If you really can’t help but work your butt off from Monday to Friday, then at least consider that the work you do should have an equivalent reward. You reward doesn’t need to be big. It can be as simple as turning your cellphone and laptop off for a night, or by treating yourself to a big juicy steak.

Being a master of a martial arts school asks so much from you that you somehow make it your top priority. Outside of your dojo, you still have a life to live with your friends and family and that should take some time from your busy schedule. Everything should be balanced in our lives. Work hard, but don’t forget to play harder. Stay strong and take care.

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