How to Set Achievable Goals

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I really do believe that making goals is the start of everything that we do in life. Even in the simplest actions as getting up and getting a glass of water involves the creation of a goal then acting upon what we wanted. For bigger things, it’s the same process, a more complicated process, but still the same. It all starts with wanting something, and working up from our desire until we get what we desire.

How are you with your goals? It’s very easy to create them, but hard to follow up. If you have a set of goals still unfinished or way past their deadlines, then it’s high time to reflect on what you’ve done so far. Another aspect of having goals is to re-evaluate them from time to time to see if they’re still worth pursuing or not. Or maybe some factors in your life and in your business have changed to prompt a shift in your objectives as well. If you find yourself changing your aim every time something doesn’t go well, try choosing targets that are easily attainable. Here’s how to set achievable goals.

Play to Your Strengths

There’s a theory called Multiple Intelligences where every person has the capacity to possess a type of intelligence, sometimes even more than one. It’s only a theory, but I believe that every one of us has a talent or an area where we’re really good at. We should find out what it is and base some of our goals from the things where we excel. If we do that, our goals will be easier to achieve.

Hack Away at the Unessential

Bruce Lee said it best. “It’s not the daily increase but the daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.” You’re maybe doing something that you think is important, but when you take a second look at it, it doesn’t do anything for you in the success of your martial arts school. Or, there are things that you are doing that you can spend less time on, but will still yield the same results. A personal example is when I looked at my bodybuilding exercises. Before I did 7 kinds of exercises for my shoulders, but when I researched about it, I only had to do 5 and the results would still be the same. You can look at your business this way. Remove the things that you don’t need and in return, you’ll have more time to do other things.

Keep it Small, but Never Stop

It’s okay to keep things small. When our bigger goals are broken down to easy to do steps, we have the benefit of not being too overwhelmed. It may seem like we are moving in a turtle’s pace but that’s okay as long as we’re moving forward. Another advantage of keeping it small is setbacks become less harsh. When we face a delay, it’s okay to stop, re-evaluate, change some things and move forward again.

Battle Procrastination by Rewarding Work

Everybody is guilty of a little procrastination, even me; it’s my hardest battle ever. If you also have a problem with it, you can be more productive by rewarding yourself every time you do some work.  Start with a schedule and do your best to follow it. If for a week you stuck to it and actually did get things done, reward yourself in the weekend to boost yourself to work again on Monday.

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