How to Make Your Business More Efficient


The word efficient is defined as achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. For business, this means that as a martial arts master and school owner, you need to use all your available resources and produce top quality products and goods with the littlest amount of wasted energy and money. One way of making sure that you have a well tuned business is to evaluate all of its aspects in a regular basis. But if you want to take it up a notch, you can do things that will take your business in another level of efficiency.

Your business can reach this state with the right techniques and the right information. Here are the ways on how to make your business more efficient.

 Make Switches

There are many ways to save more money when you operate a business. For example, you can look for a supplier willing to give you the same merchandise, gear, or equipment for a cheaper price. Switch to a bundle deal for your cable, telephone, and internet. You can also switch to VoIP if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to office telephones. Look closely at your school and see if you can change up things to save more money. There are a lot of new companies who offer the same services for cheap. It’s wise to switch sources from time to time as your suppliers usually increase their prices in the long run. If you’ve found a cost effective alternative, report it to your current supplier and see if you can strike a better deal.


You’d be surprised by the number of jobs that you can outsource. Most of the time, these are simple jobs that can be done with minimal supervision like data entry, graphic design, website and social media management, etc. But due to the power of the internet, more complex work can now be done by people who are willing to do it cheap like HR, bookkeeping, secretarial work, customer service, marketing, sales, and even tax preparation.

Introduce Technology Bit by Bit

Change is good, but it can also be overwhelming. New technology can make our lives easier but some people have a hard time learning how to use fresh gadgets and inventions. So, don’t switch from hard drives to the cloud just yet. Gauge your personnel if they’re prepared to handle change. Maybe try it out for yourself to personally see the advantages and little by little expose your employees to the beauty of using new tech.

Easy on the Social Media

Although social media is a huge help for small businesses when it comes to marketing and promotion, you need to check how much effort and time is put in maintaining your accounts. And also see if you’re targeting the right people. No amount of tweets and posts can be helpful if you have the wrong audience. You can also see the performance of your accounts by using free Social Media Monitors like TwitterCounter and Wildfire.

Always remember that business efficiency covers a lot of things like money, time, man power, access to products and services. Widen your scope on how to use these things and find out new ways on how you can maximize your resources while minimizing costs.

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